Staff Application Format (Follow Format)

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Please keep in mind you must follow the following format to even be looked at for Staff. If you do not it will be an automatic denial.

1. Ingame-Name:

2. Nationality/Timezone:

3. Your SteamID:

4. Rank you're applying for:

5. How Long you've played on the server (minimum is two days)

6. Why would you like to be a staff

7. What makes you a better contributor and better staff member than other players?

8. Do you have a microphone?:

9. Age:

10. Number of Warns:

11. Do you have past experience as a staff member?:

12. How active do you think you could be on the server?:

13. What days and at what time are you usually available? (PST)

14. What do you plan to bring to the staff team? How would you improve it?:

Do you understand that when you join our Staff Team if at any time we see you are unfit we have the right to remove you? (Yes or No)

Do you understand that when you act accordingly/disorderly as a staff that we have the right to carry out any punishment we see fit? (Yes or No)


What would you do if a player was RDMing other players and being an overall troll?

What do you do if a player asks for a whitelist for a new job?


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