By, -Henry-, posted 1 month ago

1 month ago

# USSUwtFQyCl6GvFh

1. Name: Henry

2. Steam ID: 76561198885056472

3. Experince on other servers?: Yes. I have been admin for almost 2 years on an scp server :))))

4. Playtime?: 316 Hrs

5. Age: 15

6. Why do you want to be a Gamemaster on Sapphire Servers


7. Why should we pick you out of other applicants?

Because I'm diamond

8. Do you have a mic?: (Not required but we desire for you to)


9. Are you willing to accept help with events from staff and donators?: yes

10. Can you cooperate with other GM's as well and work as a team?: yes

11. Timezone?: PST

12. Explain an event you can do in great detail: FFA winner gets 2 quid

13. By typing yes next to this you understand that we can demote you at anytime for any reason as long as we see it fit? (yes or no)

yes (maybe)

14. When typing yes next to this you understand that we have the ability to remove you completely from our team as long as we see it fit to do so? (yes or no) yes


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