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Official forums dedicated to announcements, news, information and feedback.


Here you will find news, information and updates related to the site.

Development Updates

Think about these as like patch notes for games.

General Discussions

An all rounded area with a number of topics and discussions, if it doesn't have a section, check here.

General Discussion

General conversation.

Random post

Post funny stuff. No offensive stuff or NSFW.

Staff/GM Related

Any issue dealing with Staff or Gamemasters.

Staff Application

Apply for staff here!

Gamemaster Applications

Apply for Gamemaster here!

Staff/GM Reports

Report a Staff Member or a Gamemaster here!

Warn/Ban Appeals

Appeal for a warn/ban here!

Donation Related

For things like * Customs Classes * Custom Ignitors * Custom Crystals

Custom Classes

If you have donated give us the link to your model and we will tell you if we accept it or not. DONATORS ONLY!!!!!

Custom Ignitors

Put the ignitor in and show us and we will get back with you. DONATORS ONLY!!!!

Custom Crystlas

Give us your crystal and we will let you know when we have added it in. DONATORS ONLY!!!

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