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Jan 31, 2023
A major event that could be added to the timeline is the

“The Jedi Schism” Shadow of the Order Kabuki and Shippy(I don’t remember his position) left the order in 3951 BBY to join the Sith. Their followers and padawans following which causing a fractured jedi council and a shifting Sith council.

The importance of this event is that Kabuki and Shippy being two notable names that left were able to bring a large follower base into the sith side sapping both leadership and talent away from the order. Alongside this initial event the following situations such as the Jedi GrandMaster resigning and Kabuki and Shippy asserting their dominance within the DC have led to an uneasy position of power where the sith have the upper hand in both talent and numbers.

PS this is all just for fun and historical purposes pls don’t pk this smoll weeb : (