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Bennett Game Master Application

New member
Apr 19, 2023
Steam Name:

In-game character names:
Eternal Guard C Jay Bennett

SteamID (STEAM_1:0:11101):


Do you have a microphone?:

Do you have discord?:

Discord name and numbers:

What is your time zone?:

How many hours do you have on Gmod?:
10051 Hours

How long have you been part of the community?:
Close to 3 Weeks i believe

Gamemaster-related questions:

Previous Gamemaster/Event-making Experience:

Lucid Roleplay
Crown Networks
Spartacus Gaming
Trinity Networks
Astolfo Imperial RP
Chaos Networks

Time at position:
I held all these positions for 5 Months+ goin on a few years

(Check off the answer you choose with an “x”)

Would you consider yourself a good builder?

[x] Yes

[] No

Experience with Garry’s Mod construction and NPC control: ( If none, check the box [] )

Are you able to create a cohesive story?

[x] Yes

[] No

Experience with the creation of storylines and knowledge of star wars lore:

Have you ever assisted in an event on Sapphire Servers in the past?

[x] Yes

[] No

If so, how many times -

Can you work well with others to plan and execute an event?

[x] Yes

[] No

As a Gamemaster, what do you desire to do? (i.e., Build, create a story, etc.):
I Would Like to Begin Creating Events for the server, At the moment we dont have a big game master team which limits the ammount of events that can be conducted on the server leading to people just going AFK and Grinding Points, I would like to give something extra for the community to do during the cooldowns during raids trials etc.

Plan an event (story-based or building based):

The Lost Soul

The Force Users of the Server(This Event Is Meant for ALl EE,Sith Jedi) Sense something dark and ancient found on Yavin, Upon Closer Inspection it is found to be a Ancient Sith holocron that has been abandoned for some time, Upon the sith Finding the Holocron they attempt to unlock it and take it for themselves but they are stopped by the jedi order and the eternal Empire, The Sith Empire will need to Defend The Dark Council as they attempt to focus on the force to unlock the holocron and gain the knowledge that is inside,

Ways the Event Could go

Destroying the Holocron
The Jedi order and the Eternal Empire Work together to claim the holocron and destroy its knowledge so the sith empire cannot obtain it

The Jedi Refused the Eternal Empires Assistance and was able to take the Ancient Holocron for themselves, With The Holocron they will be able to bargain it with the Sith order anytime they require something.

Eternal Empire
The Eternal Empire Refuses to Defend the Sith Or Assist the Jedi order and Decides to take the holocron for himself, With this he is able to become more powerful in turn his Eternal Knights Become More unstoppable, This will do well for the galactic War

Sith Empire Securing the Holocron and Its Knowledge
The Sith Empire has Succesfully Managed to take The Holocron and its knowledge and now hold a foothold in the galactic War

The Rewards for defending this During an Event will need to be discussed as well as people managing to either defend or take the holocron for themselves will need to be discussed with People

User Administrative Agreement

By placing an X in the box provided below, I hereby state that I have read and fully understand all of the requirements and expectations placed on our staff members, including, but not limited to:

- Suspension/demotion due to inactivity, abuse, and neglect of the responsibilities placed on Gamemasters


Player Interview

Why should we support your application, and what makes you more qualified than other players? (Please elaborate - Minimum effort will not be tolerated):
I Am extremely Active here on sapphire i am new to this server compared to other users , I would like to see this server succeed as there is no other JvS Server like this I do believe we could get this server upto 100 people in time, I would also like to provide some Excitment into the server instead of coming on AFKing and then jumping off it isnt exciting or fun for people to do, I would also like to better myself when it comes to doing the JvS Events as i have More Experience in Clone Wars,Imperial and Darkrp Events, i do believe this will be a good experience for me

Note: Gamemasters are not staff. You shall never use your powers for anything besides your events. Unless instructed to do otherwise by Management+.
* You cannot be Staff/Gamemaster on any other server while being a Staff/Gamemaster on Sapphire Servers​
Feb 14, 2023

Unfortunately I've had a few minge reports about you from other Staff. Your application could also use some work with fluffing it up a bit more. Thank you for your interest in GMing for Sapphire. You can re-apply again in 2 weeks.