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Bandit's Staff Application

New member
Apr 3, 2023
Basic Information
Name: Chirs, Bandit

Steam Name: BanditG_TV

In game character names: IN SA HVY Bandit

SteamID (STEAM_1:0:11101): STEAM_0:0:92270973

Age: 19

Do you have a microphone?: Yes I Do

Do you have discord?: Yes I Do

Discord name and numbers: BanditG_TV#8402

What is your time zone?: Central Standard Time

How many hours do you have on Gmod?: 18,331.1 Hours

How long have you been part of the community?: I Have Been Apart Of The Community For A Couple Of Days But Have Just Joined The Discord And I Have Purchased Emerald VIP I Really Think I Could Be Of Great Use

Have you been warned, kicked, or banned before?: No I Have Not

If you answered yes to the question above, explain why: N/A

General Questions
Why do you want to become a staff member on Sapphire Servers?: I Would Like To Become A Staff Member For Sapphire Servers Because I Really Enjoy JvS Servers And Have Been A Fan For A While I Have Owned And Developed On Them As Well As Staffed On Them For Multiple Years As I Have Over 9 Years On Garry's Mod I Understand What It Takes To Be A Staff Member Understanding What To Do How To Use Logs And Follow Rules I Have Learned Over Time How To Be A Really Good Staff Member And Communicate With The Players To Help Them Understand Them And I Enjoy Being There For People As I Staff Member I Like To Take Staff Matters First And Roleplay 2nd And Make Sure The Players Get To Enjoy There Time On The Server And When They Are Not Having Fun It Makes It Where We Lose Players I Have Been In The Shoes Of A Player Not Having Fun And Leaving And It Hurts Both The Player And The Staff I Also Have Expirience On Different Type Of Star Wars RP Server PvE PvP And Know What To Look For

Why should we accept you over other applicants?: I Feel Like You Should Accept Me Over Other Applicants Because Of My Expirence As Staff And My Time In Garry's Mod Star Wars RP Servers I Have Been Doing This Since I Was 11 Years Old And Have Had Pride In Myself Making Sure I Help Others Before I Help Myself My Main Goal Here At Sapphire Is To Gain Trust Of The Server And Become A Developer And Learn From People I Have Been A Server Owner, Community Manager, Developer, Gamemaster, Staff Member, And I Enjoy Every Position I Look To Help The Server Grow And Become The Best It Can Be And That Always Mean Having Respectful And Hard Working Staff Members I Know What It Takes And Knows What Responsibility's It Takes

What can you bring to the staff team?: I Can Bring A Lot Of Respect And Integrity And I Can Teach People What To Do As Staff If They Are New Or Old I Also Have A Lot Of Knowledge On How To Handle Situations And Know What To Look At While Evaluating A Situation Alos With My Time As Previous Staff I Have Learned That You Can't Always Believe Everyone By There Word Or 4 There Need's To Be Evidence I Have Always Gone By The No Clip No Harsh Punishment Should Be Given Of Course If There Are Logs That Back The Situation That Is A Different Story So You Need To Look At All Evidence Accounted For Before Compiling A Answer Also I Feel Like I Could Be Useful In Situations Where Some One Has A Question On How To Do Something I Can Be There To Help Where Some People Don't Always Know The Answer

What staff experience do you have? (List server names, positions on each server, and how long you were in those positions):
Icefuse Networks Dark RP | Admin | 3 Month
Icefuse Networks Jedi Vs Sith RP | 2 Month Senior Moderator, And Teamspeak Support
Icefuse Networks Clone Wars RP | 4 Month Admin, And Gamemaster, Also On A Second Round For A Shorter Time Up To Senior Moderator
Gaminglight Imperial RP | 1 Month | Gamemaster III
Spraven Gaming Imperial RP | 3 Month | Senior Admin & Developer
Defined Networks | 6 Month | Senior Admin & Developer & Gamemaster
And Many More Those Are Most Notable Ones

List 3 of your strengths?:
Good Ears
Follow Through With What Need's Done

List 3 of your weaknesses?:
Slower Than Most
I Am Autistic So Sometimes Things Don't Click As Fast
Not As Observant With Eyes

Days/Hours of availability:
Right Now I Am Available Mornings To Evenings Week Days But When My Job Start Will Be Mostly Evenings And Also Will Not Be Avaiable Many Weekends As I Work For A Race Team And We Race On Weekends

Short Questions
Name 3 server rules and explain the meaning of them:

You Must Follow NLR (New Life Rule) Which Means You May Not Come Back To The Scene That You Died From For 1 Minute As Well As You Forget All Things That Happened Prior In RP And Are A New Character

Warp Killing Means You Must Let The Player That Has Just Warped In Step 3 Steps Off From The Place That They Warped To Before Starting To Inflict Damage To Them

RDM Means Killing A Player With No Meaningful Roleplay Behind The Kill And Just Killing Them For Fun Or No Reason

Name 3 ULX/SAM commands and explain what they do:

Slay: Kills The Player You Target No Matter The HP

Buddah: Sets The Player You Have Targetted To Be Unkillable But Take Damage Until They Are At One HP

Freeze: Sets The Player In A Frozen State Where They Cannot NMove Switch Weapon Wheel Or Do anything Until Unfrozen By Staff

You are not to advertise your application in any way.
You must listen to people in higher positions over you.
You are to help all players of the server, no matter how big or small the request.
Abusing your tags will result in you being banned and blacklisted from staff.
You can be demoted or removed from staff at any point by management.
You cannot be Staff/Gamemaster on any other server while being a Staff/Gamemaster on Sapphire Servers

I, Chris/Bandit, agree to and understand all of the rules listed above.