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Apr 9, 2023
Basic Information
In game name and rank:
Padawan CI ZK Apple Goose

SteamID (STEAM_1:0:11101):STEAM_0:0:142888984

Level: Prestige 6 Lv. 100

Character Information

Be in character with as much of this as you can be.

What will your name be?: Apple Goose

What will your title be as a Grey Jedi?: The Lost Apple Goose
Why do you want to become a Grey Jedi?: Mainly because i dont wanna be allained with the sith or jedi, I always loved the lore behind the grey jedis and how they really do leave because some dont like what the order or the empire gave them.

What will be your motivation as a Grey Jedi?: To live my life peacfully and not partake in any conflict unless needed to.

Create a backstory for your character (must be at least a paragraph long):
Apple Goose was a very skilled padawan trained from a youngling but always felt that she didnt belong, eventually power and greed seeped into their mind and corrupted it leading them to join the Sith. As a sith they learned the ways about the sith eventually being lost in their own mind being clouded from both sides constantly conflicting. After a battle Apple Goose came to her senses after striking down a Jedi that reminded them of their wife. She died due to a ilness that was not cureable. In this moment of realization Apple goose left the sith empire to live alone and stray away from the Jedi council and Sith Empire. Hopefully ti finally acheive clarity in her own mind.

Do you understand that as a Grey, you must not align with any faction?:
Do you understand that you must still have RP reasons for everything you do?:
Have you read and do you understand the Grey Jedi rules?:
Do you understand that if you break any of these rules, you can be removed from Grey Jedi?:
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